You will never, ever read that furniture assembly manual. Furniture assembly is only sometimes user-friendly, regardless of how the instructions are explained, but it is a specialty for furniture assemblers! Beds, dressers, office furniture, sofas, tables, chairs, closets, and other items are frequently assembled by furniture assemblers. Our furniture assemblers arrive with their tools to help you quickly and efficiently. 24 Handyman also provides furniture disassembly services, and furniture assemblers can help you move or remove your old furniture!

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“John was great. He arrived on time, mounted my tv, and concealed all the cables and wires. Thank you, Handyzen. Now my living room looks modern and there is extra space.”
M. Eve
“Tom and his friends helped us assemble our furniture when we moved to our new house. They were perfect. Very skillful. Because they helped us we could settle in less than a day.”
L. Bower
“Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. Handyzen's handyman was punctual, skillful, and organized. He exactly mounted my tv at the spot I wanted. I talked with some other handymen before, but they couldn't mount my tv at that spot.”
N. Salar

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24 Handyman offers furniture assembly services by qualified and expert handymen to promote the assembling procedure for you. 24 Handyman provides furniture assembly services throughout Seattle and King County. Especially if you are moving to a new property and have numerous pieces of furniture to reassemble, professional aid can save you time and energy.


It’s thrilling to furnish your home with fresh pieces. It can improve the pleasant energy in the house and speed up your living space. However, occasionally installing the new furniture is so tough that it wrecks all the fun. But you can receive professional support to prevent it.


Furniture assembly service handypersons will arrive at your location, install your furniture swiftly and efficiently, and clean up the place for you.

Benefits of Using a Furniture Assembly Service:

Overall using our services saves you time and money. Yet here you can learn about the benefits of furniture assembly service in detail:

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Furniture Assembly Service?

1. Make the most of your time

You may have a lot on your mind regarding relocating or improving your home. The last thing on your mind should be finding time to put up your new furnishings. It can be beneficial to outsource this to a furniture assembly service. They’re well-equipped for the work, and it won’t take them long to finish it, enabling you to focus on other duties. If you hire a professional, you can save both time and money.


2. Furniture Assembly Requires Skills and Knowledge

Furniture assembly is a specialized task, and handymen who offer this service are specialists in the field. Even though you only assemble furniture occasionally, they have performed various tasks, including desks, dressers, grills, workout equipment, bed, and Ikea assembly.


Having liability insurance is just another perk of working with these specialists. You may rest assured that the work will be completed properly and that you will be covered by insurance in case of an accident.


You don’t get this perk when you put the furniture together yourself. It’s always best to entrust it to experts with relevant experience.


3. They’ll get it right with Highest Quality Equipment the first time.

A person skilled in furniture assembly can read a manual from cover to finish. They can readily comprehend the instructions and ensure that everything is set up correctly the first time. Everyone knows how tough it is to read a manual!


If you want the task done well, you should engage pros. There will be no more dismantling and reassembly due to ill-fitting components.

4 – Top-Rated Hardware.


Have you ever tried to put together a piece of furniture when only you find yourself searching for the correct screwdriver? It can take time to track down the resources you’ll need. If you have a professional furniture assembly service, you won’t have to stress about this anymore. The furniture-assembling handyman will show up with everything he needs to do the job right.


That saves you a trip to the hardware shop for equipment you won’t use again. To ensure the expert arrives at your home prepared for the job, you can specify whether or not they need specific equipment.

5. There’s a Lower Chance of Damage

Moving furniture may be tough, especially if you need to know what you’re doing. You may accidentally drop pieces or strike walls while moving them if you don’t utilize the necessary procedures, causing injury to your brand-new furniture or home. Because the specialists know what they’re doing, there’s a lesser threat of damage to your property.


6. They’ll Take Care of the Cleanup

Professional furniture assembly services will take the time to clean up any spillage. This includes tidying up any rubbish left behind and ensuring that additional components are returned to you. There may be sawdust or other material from the furniture if drills and screws are utilized. The expert handyman will clean up the mess and leave the house in better shape than when they originally came.


How Can I Find The Best Furniture Assembly Services Near Me?

Given the benefits above, you’ll agree that hiring an assembly service is a time-saver. If you are planning to hire a firm for assembly and wondering which one is superior, I propose 24 Handyman.


24 Handyman has a fantastic team of expert handypersons that offer flawless assembling service, including desk assembly, dresser assembly, exercise equipment assembly, grills, outdoor furniture assembly, bed assembly, and office furniture assembly. Contact 24 Handyman immediately if you’re in LA and need a high-quality furniture assembly service near you.


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