How to Assemble Furniture Quickly?

One of the most critical questions for furniture assemblers and the people required to assemble their furniture is “How to assemble furniture quickly?”. We attempted to answer this question in this article thoroughly.

Assembling furniture may be the least exciting part of redecorating, particularly if you desire to assemble them yourself. Although some information can assist you in assembling your furniture fast, the fastest way to have your furniture assembled is by employing a handyperson company delivering this service. Here we have collected some information that helps you assemble your furniture quickly, whether you assemble them yourself or have experienced handypersons doing it for you.

Suggestions Before Assembling Furniture:

Here are some suggestions that, if you consider before assembling your products, can assist you in assembling them quicker and more comfortable:

Think Before You Buy

Think about the assembly procedure before you click buy. We recommend reading online reviews and testimonials before purchasing the item to understand the process better. This way, there are no wonders when the box arrives at your place.

If an important project is beyond your skill level, we recommend looking for items that come partly assembled. Sometimes, you have to attach two or three parts.

Be Realistic

According to a Handyperson from Thumbtack, some items, such as upholstered bed frames, are likely best left to experts. He explained, “The upholstery is stretched over and tied to wooden frames. The frames are made with built-in connection points that are often stopped, obscured, or misaligned by the upholstery.”

Dressers can also be challenging. They are not extremely hard to assemble because the process is so tedious. According to the representative from Thumbtack, a full-size dresser with six drawers can have up to 300 pieces and components.

Assemble in The Right Location

While you might be enticed to assemble a desk for your home office in the comfort of your living room—think again. Dan DiClerico, a Home Specialist at HomeAdvisor, highlighted the significance of assembling furniture in the room where it will be utilized, particularly for heavier pieces. “Besides being a pain to move, that armoire or corner desk is exposed to scratch walls and floors during any moves.”

Open The Box Carefully 

Don’t damage the furniture or your feet before getting started. We say to open the box cautiously because scissors or box cutters can be damaging. Use the package to protect your feet as you build. 

Read The Instructions

The first thing you require to do before anything else is read the assembly instructions. Then reread them. Comprehend the procedure of what you will be doing. We also suggest re-checking the instructions from time to time.

Do Detailed Measurements:

Make a note of the space sizes where the furniture will be set before going to the store. Also, leave enough space between the parts for air to spread. “For our humble house, my husband and I had created a wall of cabinets,” explains Amy Matthews, a DIY Network home remodeling show. “We regarded as if we had shrunk to hobbit dimension as we chose the first cabinet together and stood the monster up.” It was a colossal mistake.”

If you need help, you can employ a PRO to assemble your furniture.

Ensure there are no missing pieces:

Parts go missing all the time, and components can also arrive scuffed or gouged. Check the object as soon as possible to ensure that if a piece is missing or damaged, the company has the replacement part in stock. When it’s time to start to work, pay attention to THIS END UP instead of slicing through the box and DO NOT OPEN WITH SHARP TOOL signs. “Before the pieces were out of the box, I saw someone fell off a chunk of a dresser’s finish with a knife,” Matthews says. Put the furniture boards on the floor and wipe them down with a cloth to evade dust extending to the bonds so that even the closest of corners are dust-free.

Collect your Tools:

A screwdriver, a locking metal measuring tape, an Allen wrench, an electric screwdriver or drill, a hammer or a rubber mallet to smooth any frayed edges, and a carpenter’s level to ensure that surfaces are straight are the six tools you should have on hand. Utilize muffin tin to hold screws, nails, and pins collected. Sorting will speed up the construction method and decrease the chances of misusing elements. If you don’t have all the necessary tools, employ a furniture assembly company instead of buying them. Experienced handypersons will bring all the instruments required to assemble your furniture.

Select a Reasonable Work Space:

Assemble furniture where it will be used so that you don’t have to carry it up the stairs or dismantle it if it doesn’t suit through a doorway. “Once, in the hallway of my apartment building, I put together a bookcase,” James recalls. “I believed it would be straightforward because the bits in the box seemed to be little. It seized so much room when I first began building it that no one could get down the stairs. Everyone had been trapped! I had to dismantle it, and it was so dirty by that point that I just threw it away.”

Employ a Furniture Assembly Service:

Employing a furniture assembly service is not only the quickest way to have your furniture assembled, but also it is advantageous in other ways. Since furniture assemblers are professional handypersons who have assembled many pieces of furniture before, they have the needed experience and equipment. Moreover, they can guarantee security. It is not just about assembling furniture; it is about assembling them correctly so you can utilize them safely. No one desires to bear the bed’s twitters while sleeping because it wasn’t assembled correctly.


To assemble your furniture fast, you require to deliver all the necessary parts and tools early. Even if you have all the instruments needed, you should spend significant time on this task since assembling is unknown. The quickest way to assemble your furniture is by employing a furniture assembly service. Handyzen is a favorite handyperson service company that delivers exceptional furniture assembly service. Reserve the service online and have your furniture assembled as soon as possible. TV mounting, picture hanging, fitness tools assembly, closet installation, and closet design are some other services delivered by Handyzen.

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