Picture hanging is one of the many popular services 24 Handyman provides its customers with proficient picture hanging by experienced and qualified handypersons. 24 Handyman also provides a shelf installation service to help you install your shelves securely and quickly.

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“John was great. He arrived on time, mounted my tv, and concealed all the cables and wires. Thank you, Handyzen. Now my living room looks modern and there is extra space.”
M. Eve
“Tom and his friends helped us assemble our furniture when we moved to our new house. They were perfect. Very skillful. Because they helped us we could settle in less than a day.”
L. Bower
“Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. Handyzen's handyman was punctual, skillful, and organized. He exactly mounted my tv at the spot I wanted. I talked with some other handymen before, but they couldn't mount my tv at that spot.”
N. Salar

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Picture Hanging and Shelf Installation

Picture hanging is a recognized service of 24 Handyman that supplies its customers with professional picture hanging by experienced and talented handypersons. To help you put up your shelves securely and efficiently, 24 Handyman also provides an installation service.


It’s challenging to hang photographs, particularly large ones. Many things can make hanging artwork difficult, such as needing the right tools or not knowing if the wall is strong enough to support your artwork. You may have your artwork hung quickly, securely, and without any mess by hiring a professional picture-hanging service. If you have valuable artwork and need it hung, call 24 Handyman, and we’ll send a handyman over as soon as possible to do it safely and securely.


In addition to our other services, 24 Handyman also installs shelves. Our skilled handymen will safely, efficiently, quickly, and cleanly install your shelves at your desired spot.


Hanging Matters as the Art Works!

The earliest examples of visual art ever found date back about 40,000 years. Since then, humans have kept up the tradition of making and collecting visual arts. Finding the perfect work of art is another story. Then there’s the problem of getting it hung upon. Your artwork should be securely installed, but it should also be arranged in a way that matches the aesthetic. It’s too much for one person to handle on their own, so don’t try. Let’s examine why you should use a professional picture hanging service the next time you need artwork hung.


Do you Need Picture Hanging or Have a Lot of Large Art to Hang?

It’s helpful to hire a professional picture hanger when you have a huge, heavy, and unusually shaped collection. A professional can make sure the artwork is handled and mounted safely. The usage of specialist equipment is required for moving large and heavy artwork. If proper precautions aren’t taken, expensive artworks could be damaged if they fall.


Expert picture hangers understand the procedures that must be followed to ensure the job is done correctly. You could hire a specialist if your art collection is extensive. Only qualified handymen should handle moving and rearranging your belongings.


Your security in Picture Hanging is a major concern 

Hiring expert picture hangers are the best way to ensure your prized artwork is safely affixed to the walls of your home. Not only can expensive artworks be damaged in a collapse, but so can onlookers. Hire professionals to hang artwork in houses where children or pets reside.


It is recommended that businesses and public spaces hire a professional picture-hanging service in addition to purchasing artwork. Artwork enhances the atmosphere of a business, but it can become a distraction if it isn’t protected. A picture falling on someone’s head while standing in line or having supper is a nightmare scenario for everyone.

Regarding home decor, it’s great to take advice from others

An art hanger may work in many environments, from private residences and businesses to public museums and exhibition halls. You can benefit from their expertise in art exhibitions when determining how to showcase your new collection of paintings.


Professionals are trained to think creatively and arrange works of art in novel ways. Professional picture hangers may develop innovative ways to showcase your extensive art collection, allowing each piece to be appreciated for its merit.


Finding the right spot for a painting or photo can be challenging. When working alone, the final product is often skewed or unequal. A professional picture-hanging service can ensure that your artwork is hung evenly and where you want it.


Shelf Installation may not seem as important as the hanging of priceless artworks but consider the alternative.


Putting up shelves is sometimes misunderstood as a simple process. However, putting it into practice can take time and effort. A considerable amount of time can be lost when figuring out how to construct shelves properly. Further, you and your family are at risk if the shelves are not properly hung and installed on the wall.


A lot of effort is also wasted trying to track down the proper hardware for mounting the shelves on the wall. Hiring a professional shelf installation provider will help you prevent these issues. Hiring a professional handyman who specializes in installing shelves will save you time and effort, and they will also remove any excess sawdust from the job.

What Are The Best Picture Hanging and Shelving Services Near Me

Expert handyman services in LA County, Washington, are what 24 Handyman specializes in. If you need handyman service, 24 Handyman has a large staff of experts ready to help. 24 Handyman offers a wide variety of home improvement services, including picture hanging, wall hanging, shelf installation, TV mounting, and closet installation, to name a few.


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