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Make your living room look more modern by mounting your TV on the wall !

Flat screens are designed to be mounted on the wall; Otherwise, something is missing in the interior design! However, securely mounting a TV on the wall is challenging. Our skilled pros at 24HandyMan with significant experience in TV mounting help you mount your TVs, install your soundbars, conceal the cables, etc. Our services include a 30-day satisfaction warranty.

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“Harley was great. He arrived on time, mounted my tv, and concealed all the cables and wires. Thank you, Handyzen. Now my living room looks modern and there is extra space.”
M. Eve
“Tom and his friends helped us assemble our furniture when we moved to our new house. They were perfect. Very skillful. Because they helped us we could settle in less than a day.”
L. Bower
“Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. 24handyman was punctual, skillful, and organized. He exactly mounted my tv at the spot I wanted. I talked with some other handymen before, but they couldn't mount my tv at that spot.”
N. Salar
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Frequently Questions

It is between $69 to $400, depended you want additional services or TV Size.

You will pay your invoice after the job is successfully done, and you must pay before the handyman leaves.

Yes, you need a professional handyman to install your TV on the wall because the new flat screens are susceptible and need to install with care by professionals. We do 30 Day warranty on all services and insurance for the services.

Yes, you do. But we highly recommend hiring a; for more information, click here.

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As every technological device around us transforms and develops, TVs are one. Today they are brighter, more diligent, elegant, thinner, and bigger than they were a few years ago. Because of their sizes and cover more space in our living rooms and bedrooms. Suppose you are like the majority who have their TVs on furniture and covering a great. Mounting your TV on the wall would be an excellent solution for you and the decoration of your living room before deciding to have your TV either set on a piece of furniture or set as a wall-mounted TV.

What is Tv Mounting Service?

The TV mounting service is one of the helpful handyman services 24HandyMan delivers to assist you in mounting and installing your TV in the most appropriate spot professionally. There is the fact that Flat screens are expensive and challenging to handle when installing. Consequently, the ability to access a competent and professional handyperson to mount and install them is highly valued.

Since professional handypersons have mounted a remarkable number of TVs beforehand, they can assist you in selecting the right spot to have your TV mounted securely and safely within an hour. Moreover, possessing the right tools and skills can ensure the security of your Tv and other furniture in your house.

Despite what is generally believed, installing and mounting a TV can be challenging for many people. Not all sides of the living room are safe to install a TV. Professional TV mounting service helps you safely mount your TV in a convenient location and enjoy the scenery and the entertainment. In addition, after installing the TV, the handypersons can hide the cables and clean up the area.

It isn’t easy to install a modern TV with typical digital development. Installing the sound bar system and the home theater AV is also complicated. But If you have bought a new flat screen and have setup problems, don’t worry. 24 Handyman offers more than just a TV assembly service.

Fortunately, you can have 24 Handyman’s assets while installing your new TV and your home theater. 24 Handyman, with a great team, offers a very smooth TV installation and mounting service. You can employ them to install your TV, sound bar system, and home theater. Besides, they can also assist you in mounting your TV and hiding the cords.

Why do you need to use a TV mounting service?

Your television set isn’t built to remain immobile on furniture. Modern televisions can be wall-mounted as it is both functional and aesthetic. Many choose TV mounting services to create more free space in their living room or change their house’s interior design. Although it appears very straightforward to mount a TV on a wall periodically, it can be very challenging, but don’t worry about it; 24 Handyman is beside you.

Most brand-new Televisions are designed to be wall-mounted, not just remain stationary on an item of furniture. Besides, logically, the most evident reason to mount your television on the wall is that modern TVs are becoming thinner and larger every year, and the way we use them in our homes has transformed. Gone are the old wooden corner TV table days, and even slim TV tables are no longer strictly required.

As TVs become more fused with our lives, it’s becoming more and more favored to mount TVs to the wall. Additionally, most new Plasma, LED, or LCD televisions are designed to be mounted on suitable surfaces. Furthermore, Kids, cats, and charades can knock over the TV. A mounted TV can prevent unexpected pimples, keeping your beloved and your TV safe.

The Service Provides Extra Space in the Living room.

Wall mounting your TV saves valuable floor space by dismissing the need for a dedicated TV table. It allows you to have your TV accessories tucked away out of sight by installing an infrared extender to control your Blu-Ray, amplifier, or any other device.

Extra floor space will be occupied by TV tables, shelves, or other additional furniture required to position a television set. Not only would mounting the television on the wall free up floor space for extra usage, but it will also occupy less observable space. You’ll also save money on extra furniture using a TV mounting service.

The Service Provides a Cleaner Appearance

If you properly arrange the mounting operation, the appearance of a wall-mounted television will be more elegant; moreover, it may match in with the wall design, which adds attractiveness to your residence space. The unsightly wires can be concealed beneath the TV screen for a tidier appearance. Some people may have photo slides playing on their televisions when they aren’t in use. Consequently, a TV mounted on a wall displaying lovely photos is a great idea.

The Service Provides the Fairest Viewing Angle

Wall-mounted TVs allow you to position your television at the perfect height and angle for optimal viewing. Unlike TVs placed on the furniture, which are sometimes lower/higher than your eye level, wall-mounted TVs are at the appropriate eye level, which prevents you from having a sprained neck and strained eye.

Where Can I Find TV Mounting Service?

Although mounting a TV on the wall appears manageable, it can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, to evade damage to your TV or other furniture items, you’d better look for a professional TV mounting service and a qualified handyperson.

24 Handyman has a team of professional and knowledgeable handypersons that deliver excellent handyman services for its valuable customers in Seattle and King County. 24 Handyman provides a wide range of handyman services, including TV installation services. You can easily rely on duties such as TV mounting, TV Installation, sound bar installation, concealing TV wires, home theater AV configuration, and other similar services.

So, if you are a resident in Seattle and wonder where the TV installation or mounting services are close to you, you can contact 24 Handyman. You can rely on TV mounting services by offering professional handyperson services, having a high customer satisfaction rate, and providing excellent and secured digital platforms.

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